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I got my V2 a little over a week ago. I had been flying a sim and Nano S2 for a few weeks before that.
I had been flying the V2 in the back yard practicing my hovers, pirouettes, and very small figure 8s. Trying to get comfortable with the idea of the bigger heli.

Yesterday evening I took it out to the local park and let it stretch its wings. It's so much more fun flying when It has room to move around. I'm still ran a few packs of upright pirouettes, but then let it loose with some large almost stall turns, and figure 8s. I was starting to get a little too comfortable with the speed and distance so I had to reel it back in to settle my nerves.

I played hooky from work this morning to visit the park again. I had my first actual crash which bent the tailboom a little. Gently bent it back into place, and got back up in the air. I started to get a lot smoother on my sweeping figure 8s. (smooth right turns still elude me sometimes though)

I came back with a big grin.
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