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Originally Posted by koopa137 View Post
A 130 size belt driven CP targeted for intermediate pilots.
Well, as there is no lighter "Fusion 130" announced I guess it still makes sense for me when I try to get the Walkera V120d02s (TT) flying some day [spektrumized or FrSkyX] either with a) Tarot ZYX + Spektrum satellite or b) with a ÁSpirit or ÁBrain 2.

I already got the feedback in the 130X sub forum from a user that the Bluearrow servos D05010MG / D03018MG are not suitable for the tail.

If this fails, I really need to find a way to mechanically modify the V120 tail (pushrod, ball head diameter, servo arm, etc.) so I can use different servos (e.g Eflite DS76T, Bluearrow H0988UHS-I,...) and to get it working with a 3rd party FBL.

Originally Posted by koopa137 View Post
I wish one day Blade can come up with something like 180CFX but slightly smaller, less noise / intimidating, and backyard/public park friendly, but still offers high precision control.
In the meanwhile you are going to get the Blade Fusion 180, a 240g (heavy) belt-driven tail / 4s heli with MG servos:
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