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Originally Posted by Spetrotto View Post
Hey Guys,

Serious question here. The Blade team still is dedicated to making out-of-the-box helis and want your feedback!

Please let us know (seriously) which heli you'd like to see. Size, features, etc, etc..

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts!
Originally Posted by edsel.labao View Post
We are here taking notes.
Originally Posted by Spetrotto View Post
Hey Guys,

Much apologies for not getting back to you all sooner. We have been taking notes behind he scenes.

Its our mission to make you guys happy and better yet, get more people back into the heli hobby.

The team and I greatly appreciate your feedback.

Here are a couple questions:

Is SAFE not a selling factor to you guys? Do you feel that it helps bring more people into the helis?

It seems like we have the right mix of products in our line up. You guys are all seemingly agreeing that we need to just update our current line. In other words, improve what you have and don't make additional platforms unless they are ground breaking.

What is the most popular size in your opinion? ( I know, based on sales) but curious to see what you guys think.

What sort of things should we be innovating? Plastics, electronics? Geometry? Etc...

Originally Posted by Spetrotto View Post
Hey guys!

Glad you guys are seeing the mCPS announcement and I know there are always going to be people on both sides of the fence. We decided to go with the brushed version this time around since the BL (based on our sales history) did "worse" than the original. Possibly based on the price, or that not everyone is ready for the crazy power of the double brushless.

I will say that SAFE has zero negative effect on the standard flight modes and it only improves the ability to get more people into flying CP helis. SAFE is only one flight mode (stability) and other than that we've improved the "AS3X" modes some.

So yes, we did use a lot of the same parts, but thats also really good for those of you who spent tons of money on optional parts years ago or who still have parts now.

Overall, I think most of you will love this heli. We will be planning on doing a micro heli cup at IRCHA so you should certainly attend IRCHA!

We are bringing (hopefully) plenty of demo models of the MCPS for you guys to fly.

See you at IRCHA. I just booked out our 30 foot camper! Stop by and have a beer (after hours of course )
It is not the intent of the Blade Reps to respond to every post...

HeliFreak is a very small part of the social media they are tasked with watching the above posts will testify...the do watch this thread and are busy taking notes
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