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Default Lot Sale - Goblin, Synergy, Misc (leaving hobby)

Everything must go! I have these listed in separate threads but figured I'd put everything together for a killer combo deal.

Goblin 700 BNF

Xera 4530-500 10P
(3) MKS HBL980 Brushless Titanium Gear Servo (High Voltage)
MKS HBL980 Tail Servo
Vbar Blueline
YGE Program card
DFC Head Upgrade
JR Satellites DSMX
Pulleys to change ratios(Multiple)
Spare Head
(2) Gens Ace 5000 45C 12S packs (~45 cycles)
Pulse Rx Pack
(2) Never used Thunder Power 4400

$500 worth of spares

Over $4k invested in this heli, its been meticulously built, maintained, and it has never been crashed.


JR 9503 DSMX $150 (charge up and fly - programmed for Goblin)

Synergy N5C:

Synergy N5C NIB
OS 55HZ - Brand new Sleeve/Piston/Ring
EVO Muffler
MKS BLS-950 3
Futaba BLS-251
VBar Blueline
Gryphon Regulator
Perfect Regulator - Regulator, Glow Driver in one
Sullivan Dynatron
Sullivan Start shaft S613 with one way
Gas can with Boxer SL2000 Parasitic Pump - (Nitro does not touch pump)
RotorTech Tail Blades 95mm
Curtis Youngblood RADIX 600mm FBL Main Blades
Misc Extras for build (see pics)


Prolab 8:

CellPro PowerLab 8
Revolectrix Multi-Port Safe Parallel Adapter (MPA)
Meanwell SP500-24V Switching
Balance Leads and Power


MCPX w/case, Misc (Included in Combo Deal):

MCPX w/lots of spares, case, tool box w/misc connectors, heat shrink, etc

All of the above $2650 + shipping
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