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Default Man Down. Temporarily.

I had my first crash resulting in broken parts. I was practicing my stall turns, came out a little too low, and either caught a wind gust, or just didn't have enough power and smacked the ground.

I bent the tail boom, and broke the control horn on a blade grip.

I straightened out the boom, and replaced the grip, but I'm a little concerned about the crease in the boom.

I flew it some after the repairs and it didn't have any issues, but I would hate for the boom to fail mid flight. I have a replacement boom, and some knitting needles on the way, but should I reinforce it a little with some epoxy and carbon tow in the mean time?

Also after the crash I was feeling a little brave and did my first flip. The first one was at IU1, and felt like it took forever to continue once I made it upside down. I switched to IU2, and those ones felt a lot better, but after a handful of flips I was shaking too much, and had to land.
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