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I turned the gains up to 90.5 and the tail kick is pretty much gone. I saw one of CoeShow's videos where he swapped out the tail servo horn (which comes chopped off from the factory) with a full length version and he was able to turn the tail gains down and get some better tail authority. I may try this later today.

UPDATE: I added the standard size servo horn from a DS76T I had and I used the 3rd hole instead of the 2nd which came stock from Blade. What a difference! The tail held like a rock and I was able to dial down the gyro gain to the factory setting of 75%. Here is a short video of the test I performed after changing the servo horn. Sorry but my hat cam was facing a little low today so some of the video is out of range!

Blade Fusion 180 - 3D Flight at the Park (3 min 8 sec)

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