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Originally Posted by rex09 View Post
Went to another warbird event waiting to hover taxi to the runway about 200mm high, I was cleared on to the runway buy a planker who said he would stay up high . before I could even get to the runway, not going any higher than 200mm, he T boned me, knocking the hozontal stab off, hitting TR and stripping the gears, got to throttle hold and a auto, but a bit of a heavy landing
Damage was front & back umbrella gears, fin cracked, $60 worth, but they are getting hard to find, had to ship from USA to Aus, $58 so doubled up + a couple of extras, looking at what was around, not sure how many repairs I have left . has anyone put any other mechanics in this fuslage?
The parts turned up during the week, a couple of evenings and it was ready to go, test flight went much better than expected, given I had to use a 13 th pinion to replace the worn 12 th. Then a couple more flights at a fun fly, best it has ever flown, recieving many great comments from heli guy's and plankers
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