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I maidened my modified Fusion 180 today. It runs on 3S with a 180CFX motor, has a micro Brain controller and a 760Hz GDW tail servo. I had to use another tail servo because the stock servo was DOA. I can sense it is going to be as bad as the old 180CFX tail servo.

There was ample power with the 3S setup. Although I had a use a 100% flat curve as 75% was clearly not enough. I fly an Oxy2 with 1911 motor and an Oxy3 on 6S and so I am used to high power setups. I cannot comment so much on the flight characteristics as the heli needs dialing in. I was getting quite a lot of cyclic shakes and tail wags.

I can comment though that the heli looks more robust than the 180CFX.

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