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Originally Posted by lahannsven View Post
I have both the Nano Cps and Nano S2.

The Nano S2 is for sure much more a beginner heli and I only use 3D mode. When I switch from Nano S2 to Nano Cps, I can't nearly hold the Nano Cps.

The Nano S2 is very stable for a beginner, and I don't see much difference between stability mode and 3D mode.

For me the Nano Cps is the only true 3D expert heli.

I think Blade also classed the Nano S2 as a beginner level 1 heli.
Couldn't agree more

A few weeks ago, my dad bought a nano S2 to practice his indoor movements. He uses the nano only in idle2 (stunt mode) and he was 100% enthusiastic in a way that he convinced me to order one as well... so I did.

Long story short: My order got delayed and I ended up flying my dad's nano S2...I don't like this heli at all It's way too stable and it reacts really funny on stick movements (feels like a delay when you hit throttle up or down). Since my order was delayed I was able to cancel it.

Nano S2 is a no go for me...I'll stick to my cps to practice my inverted flights.
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