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The GER > GER mixing is to set up rescue. If you don't care about rescue (don't blame you.. I'm not a fan of Blade's rescue), you can 100% ignore it.

Yes, Channel 7 Input "blank" is the same as INH.

You can program throttle hold or throttle cut to any switch you want. For throttle hold, just look in the manual where they assign switch 'H' in the F-Mode screen. You can change it from H to anything. For throttle cut, go into the Throttle Cut menu and select the switch you want.

There is a firmware bug where a value of -100% throttle won't actually kill the engine in 3D mode. You need to make sure that throttle hold is sending -130%. There are various ways of doing that. One of the threads here will explain.

You can be in 3D mode all the time if you want, which is exactly how I have mine. I need to be at home to figure out exactly what I did, but the idea is to always make sure channel 5 (gear/gyro) is sending a value of -100%.
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