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Default T REX 600 and Spektrum AR7200BX MICRO BEAST

Hi, I am setting up an AR7200BX on a T REX 600, nitro and have a problem.

1. when setting the hovering pitch in menu J, the pitch if 6 degrees doesn't seem to save? when I check later it zero - if I move the throttle stick up from mid point to one click above it goes to 6 but not at mid stick?

2. Menu N - pirouette teaching - the swashplate moves whichever option I pick i.e. RED solid or BLUE solid.

Any ideas? I can only think I have set up something wrong on the transmitter - spektrum DX6 ? should I have reversed servos to get the swashplate moving in the right direction - or ignore and leave until all menu items are complete?

I have selected 120 CCPM in menu H (RED solid), with NORMAL in the transmitter.

Any ideas much appreciated, thanks Andy
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