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The problem with the wooden blades:

My pair was completely out of CG and balance.
It took me a long time to fix them so I did not get any head vibrations or have them drive the tail gyro crazy.

As the CG additionally was such way off on the one pair that I had to waste the broader packaging tape to fix it it even did take me much more time balancing them than usual.

!!! I definitely would not go with any Blade wooden blades again as a replacement !!!
One time is enough.

Align 325mm carbon fiber blades were just fine and the CG was not that much off - they only did take a little bit of balancing them with the smaller sticky tape.
However, there are different versions and some of the previous CF blades have been discontinued.

Maybe you find some nice main rotor blades within the store HeliTec - Der Blattschmied:
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