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Originally Posted by navigator2011 View Post
As to your question #2, go into your Main screen (Function List) and select "Mixing" to arrive at the following screen:

Select the line: P-Mix 1: INH > INH to display the Mix 1 screen. On the right-hand side of the Mix 1 screen, select Normal. Next, select GER > GER, set the Rate: to 100% 100%, and set Offset to 20%. Then, select a desired switch. I chose switch "I". Doing all this results in the following Mixing screen:

Upon selecting System Setup/Channel Assign, I find my Rx Port Assignments are:

Selecting Next shows that my Channel Input Configuration is:

Please not that I have not tested the I-switch to see if it works. I just fly the heli in 3D mode (Idle 2) all the time.

You should be able to set yours to the F-switch in System Setup/F-Mode Setup. For example, I have mine set to the G-switch. So, in the Channel Input Configuration screen above, I think you would select F for Channel 5, but I'm not totally sure. Maybe leave this setting for last.

In any case, I hope this helps. [IMG class=inlineimg][/IMG]
I have to say, the orange touch you put on your Dx9 make is look so good! Where did you get those?
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