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You hit the nail on the head with your review!

The original CPX was classified as an intermediate helicopter for those very reasons that you mentioned. There was much less artificial stabilization and it made the pilot learn maneuvers in the more traditional sense. The S2 relies a lot on firmware for keeping it stable and for this reason, many people who fly it feel like their skills actually degrade when they go to fly their bigger helicopters.

I’ve owned and flown all 3 Nano’s and what you say is true. The S2 is great for beginners. The CPX is a great little heli for when you are ready to step up your game but don’t want to get out of the Nano category.

The point you made on expo values is also very true. On the S2, it’s very mushy and most people like flying it with negative values to gain more control. On the CPX, I have found that +30% is great for mild and 3D flight.
I also increased my servo endpoints for aileron and elevator to 105/105 and it gives it a little extra punch.

To increase the stability even more on the CPX, you can add a set of bulleted blades. They do make a noticeable difference. I suspect that is why Blade discontinued all of the High Performance blades for the Nano and only include the fast flight bulleted blades now with the Nano.

Enjoy your new CPX and keep the sweet videos coming!
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