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Originally Posted by xoexoe View Post

Three-sentence summary

The Nano S2 is more stable, but the CP X is more fun. The S2 is a great trainer for learning maneuvers that with rudder movements that rely on piro compensation, while the CP X is better geared for high-cyclic 3D maneuvers. Both are great and serve different purposes.
Wow, Xoexoe! That is a blog-level review and comparison! Thanks a bunch for taking the time to share your thoughts and post them here. I always love to watch your videos too -- keep them coming!!!

Originally Posted by Chris1683 View Post
You hit the nail on the head with your review!

Iíve owned and flown all 3 Nanoís and what you say is true. The S2 is great for beginners. The CPX is a great little heli for when you are ready to step up your game but donít want to get out of the Nano category.
One thing is for sure, the S2 has done a great job at teaching me to fly around inverted. And, the moves I learned with the S2 have transferred over very well to my 150X, for example.

But even so, what is missing are intermediate-level nanos and mcpx-sized helis for people that are growing beyond the beginner phase but lack enough space to fly bigger helis. I sure do hope that HH takes this to heart.
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