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"There are features of both the S2 and the CP X that I like and don't like. I can best summarize it by describing what my ideal "Nano S3" heli would be: it would have the piro compensation of the S2 but the agility and customizability of the CP X."

I could not agree more.

After flying the S2 this morning for the first time, I too find it more stable, but less agile than the original CP X.

I ended up setting the aileron, elevator, and rudder end points at 125%, and putting 25% negative expo on aileron and elevator (I will be adding 25% negative expo to rudder before I fly it next). This aided the agility a great deal.

It does stay put much better while pirouetting, which is useful.

That being said, it does fly extremely well-it is just different and will take a bit more getting used to. It also flies a bit more like a larger machine, which in the long run, is probably better too.

My S2 has a great deal more power than my X (I have ordered and received a new motor for the X), which I attribute to the very high air time of the X.

One other thing that is better is the tendency for the machine to shudder when the head is unloaded and the ship is upright. In the two flights of the S2, I only noticed it shuddering once, and to a far less degree than its older relative.

Good improvement all the way around!

I am looking forward to flying it more, later on in the day (when it cools off a bit).
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