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Default Review: BetaFPV 8x20 15000kV Coreless Brushed Motors in Nano S2

I have a Micro Motor Warehouse motor on the way, but in the meantime until I get it, I bought some BetaFPV motors (made for FPV micro quads) from Amazon. Figured they'd at least do the job until I get the MMW motor.

I got one installed and now I have a few flights on it.

For installation, use the white and black wired motors. They plug in and spin the right direction without having to move wires around. Unlike the Nano CPX and Nano CPS, the motor connector is a JST-1.25mm, so these motors plug right in, instead of you having to swap the connector out, which is nice.

To remove the pinion, I just used a pair of needle nose pliers and stuck them between the pinion and motor. Then simply levered it off. Some might not have it so easy and you might have to use heat - but it should come off eventually. I bought a 20-pack of pinions from China and they should be here at some point (who knows when, lol) so if anyone needs a pinion for the Nano once I get them just send me a PM.

Back to the flying:

For starters, it's a big improvement over the stock motor, especially when using HV batteries. It's enough power to do tic tocs continuously, with probably a full tic toc every second if not faster. It's hella impressive.

I did notice my tail is more likely to blow out with this motor which isn't super surprising. But it's manageable and doesn't blow out unless you abuse it

I'd definitely suggest using HV batteries with this motor, or honestly, any motor. It really does help. The improvement in power is definitely noticeable, as well as flight time increases a bit. I personally am using Wolfwhoop 260mAh LiHV batteries, but the Nitro Nectar 250mAh LiHV are supposedly the best HV you can get in this size. As much as I don't care for FPV, I will say that I'm thankful that Tiny Whoop was so popular because we now have access to great batteries and motors that didn't exist before.

Blade Nano S2 | BetaFPV 8020-15000 Motor (3 min 7 sec)
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