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Default Motor spools down when inverted or on full negative upright

Looking for some help with a goblin 380 with a Vbar Neo.
I moved to Vbar recently and have fitted a Neo to a Goblin 380, and am using V control.
It's been flying well for several weeks, but the other day when I flipped inverted the motor spooled down.
As soon as a moved the Heli back to normal orientation the motor spooled back up again.
I tried spooling up on the ground with negative pitch and that's fine.
Took it up in the air and with it level went full negative, again the motor spooled down, so it's not just inverted.
On raising the collective again the motor spooled back up.

The log suggests the governor has switched off.
It feels just like using a standard transmitter in normal mode so when you forgot to idle up, and went inverted, the throttle curve went to 0

Spooling up and flying around without excessive negative or going inverted seems fine.

I have checked the wiring and don't see anything exposed / touching the frame etc.

I have a caste Tallon 90 esc and a Hobbywing phase sensor fitted which appeared to work when I installed the Neo

Any pointers gratefully received.
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