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Thanks all for your interest!
Tribunus would be great but seems an expensive fix. I do have one on another vbar heli and it is good, but just back from 2 weeks holidays so that option is out.

Looking now at my castle setting, not familiar with these so let me know if anything jumps out

Vehicle type - external governor
Throttle type - fixed end points
Initial spool up - medium 5
All others on the throttle tab are greyed out
Auto rotation enable is not ticked

Brake 0 disabled

Cut off voltage Auto LiPo
Auto LiPo Volts / Cell 3.2
Voltage cut off - soft cut
Current limiting- disabled
Current cut off -soft cut

Start power - medium
Motor timing high (Xnova 2820 890 10P XTS)
Direction - forward
PWM Rate -12khz

Power on beep enabled
BEC voltage 6V
Live link disabled

Version 4,25

I don't see direct stick control to ESC on the Vcontrol transmitter.

Tried this evening to make sure the tail had continuity to the body which it didn't. So I now have continuity, but that made no difference.
I didn't think it would but thought I would eliminate that.

So as Andy suggested I'll take the main and tail blades off an give it a bounce around and see if it still does it-

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