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I know this is your (parallel) thread you had created in January.

Everything working already?

Maybe this (my) input from the linked thread still applies to your situation:

"Check the Blade 400 and 4503D manual to get some Spektrum transmitter setting ideas.

It makes not any sense to ask for ready .SPM model files because you are setting up a flybar heli:

- the Blade manual's CCPM120 mixer settings were too high (mechanical binding) on my 4503D
- you have to setup the correct CCPM mixer values for 6 degree cyclic pitch (measure with a pitch gauge)
- you have to properly setup ~11 degree collective pitch (pitch gauge)

- the ELEV / AIL / PIT servo channel subtrim and min/max pitch travel settings are different for each servo and heli (90 degree servo arm mechanical setup + electronic fine tuning, min/max pitch: level swashplate)

- DualRate and expo to your liking
- throttle curve with constant throttle to your liking and measured head RPM (73% was a bit high on my 4503D)

- you have to correctly dail in gyro gain (HeadingHold) on GEAR/CH5 channel to your own specific throttle values in the flight modes so it holds well and does not over-compensates

- you have to set the mid swashplate point (for 0 degree) for yourself

- in the end I had to use a separate bone link - on my 4503D - from the swash to the paddle holder frame which I can adjust to prevent any mechanical bindings or unlevel link setup which the vendor has not thought about


All the programed values in the TX will be so much different depending on your mechanical setup, properly tuned-in flybar head and swash/servos that it is better to learn how to correctly setup the heli on your own (e.g with help of a dealer or club members) with some rough values from the Blade manuals.

My first 4503D hover flights were not that great with the suggested default CCPM mixer settings.

Sure, my dealer could hover it with all the higher values without any problems when he touched the basic settings (1st setup in 2012)...but it was way too aggressive for me looking back in 2012.

As I rebuilt the 4503D (flybar) on my own in 2015 and tweaked EVERY possible setting (mechanically or electronic) it flew much different (better).

Well, maybe I had learned how to fly a CP heli too (NanoCPX + 200QX) :-)"
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