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Default Having trouble with rudder output.

Hello, first time posting here but have been reading alot. This may have been talked about before but i have not found the solution to this yet, hoping to get some input here.

I have just recently build and black nitro 700 with the Ikon 2 HD/BT.

Everything looks fine and are setup by the manual, i have flown it 8 tanks by now.

The issue is like the title, rudder output. I have set it mechanicly correct i belive with servo horn at 90 degrees when tail is neutral. The distance between axle and ball is 15mm as in the manual.

When pitching hard the rudder has no problem pushing the nose to the left, but giving signal to the right it will not turn right at all. The tail will be be pretty much solid with som tailwag when giving full pitch without giving any pitch left or right from radio.

Looking at the "Events" afterwards it do get many messages that says "Rudder output limit reached".

Mechanicly the rudder goes all the way to binding. But i have not set it up to the max.

Is there anyone that could shine some light on this? Thanks
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