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Ok, built a 130x, MH rotary frame and cyclical servos, Lynx 2S motor and tail assembly. DS 76T tail servo. External ESC.

Nice helicopter, flew well, although I kept breaking the wire to the ESC. Until I started getting a weird vibration, not so much in the tail as in the entire helicopter, and I could not find the source.

I tried balancing the tail blades and main blades but neither seemed to help much. I swapped out the motor and took out 3-in-1 with the external ESC (to preserve the wiring). At that point I no longer had any tail at all, as if my C gear were shot, although I had no slippage.

I swapped C gears, swapped D gears swapped tail servos, tried the original 3-in-1, swapped tail assembly with a complete NIB MH, swapped a spare airframe (everything forward of the tailboom) that I had.

Nothing is working. I have swapped every part in this helicopter. None of my other 130Xs are doing this.

What the chocolate is going on? What have I not tried? I thought about swapping parts into my working 130Xs but I hate to potentially ruin a working helicopter trying to fix one that is misbehaving.
130X parts wanted! The Precious! You has the Precious!

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