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For those Helifreakers who are following this riveting saga at home:

I built a test mule 130X airframe and got it flying. The test mule was a little heavy on the controls but actually flew pretty well for something that was cobbled together.

I then installed the 3-in-1 from the test mule and a NOS stock motor in the 130X that has been giving me fits (its name is "Azazello"). Setup was way way off, but all I wanted to do was to see if this thing would in fact fly. Which it did, strangely vibration-free no less. Azazello's first flight after weeks of headscratching.

The only other problems I have are:
1. there is a weird glitch in the C-D gear mesh. Otherwise the MH pro tail works well.
2. the stock motor rubs against the rotary elevator servo pushrod, but an outrunner motor will fix that.

Now I gotta figure out whether the problems I was having with Azazello in the 3-in1s I was using, the motors I was using, or both. Bonus points to those who get the Azazello reference.
130X parts wanted! The Precious! You has the Precious!
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