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Originally Posted by BrainDev View Post
I just read now that your cable request is only to be able to temporarily use a FrSky transmitter while waiting for the repaired Spektrum transmitter to be returned to you.
Please note that the MSH51645 cable is only used to have telemetry and integration on the transmitter (display and modification of flight control unit parameters directly from a menu on the transmitter).
If you have such a "desperate" urgency and you can give up Telemetry and Integration, the cable is not a necessary and indispensable "requirement".
You can select the S.Bus protocol icon (as explained in the lateral instruction is used for Futaba, Hitec, FrSky receivers) and, following the wiring diagram shown on the next page, connect the S.Bus output of the FrSky receiver directly to the CH3 connector of the Brain2 with a standard famale/female cable as that supplied with each Brain2 unit.
Thank you a million for the information and support! Just to clarify, the hold up and muck around sourcing the MSH51645 cable was originally the fault of another vendor. Giving up on them, I contacted and ordered from MSH Electronics, they have kept me updated regularly and have done everything possible to get the part to me as soon as possible. Outstanding customer service!
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