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Default Further down the Rabbit Hole

When I left you all last, everyone no doubt perched at the edge of their seats, I had gotten Azazello flying again, with a stock motor and Megas modded 3-in-1. These were in place of the ones that I had pulled from it when it was showing severe vibrations and no tail control, as if it had stripped a C gear, even though the C gear was new and tight.

Well, I borrowed another outrunner. Same problem, and it ran really rough. Re-installed a stock motor and Azazello flew just fine with no other changes. So I have had maybe four outrunners in this obnoxious copter, including the one I built it with and flew with for months, but now it seems to fly only with a stock motor.

This. Is. Wack.

This. Is. Truly. Wack.

I was wondering whether I am installing these motors wrong or something, even though I have installed plenty of outrunners in other 130Xs, including this one, with no previous issues. Yes, I used the correct length of screws.

Finally, I cannibalized another outrunner from an airframe I had lying around. I tested the motor before I installed it, and lo and behold, it worked a treat. The result was scary powerful, in fact.

Go figure.

The only thing I can think of is that I have a string of motors with bad windings, hence the vibrations like a car engine that isn't hitting on one cylinder at all.

I tried the 3-in-1 with the outboard ESC and that worked as well, but it seemed to have less pop and punch than the Megas 3-in-1. That is totally bassackwards from what I expected, but there it was.

Now I just gotta finish the setup and loctite everything into place.
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