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Originally Posted by Thickfog View Post
I can't figure out why some get wobble on lhs on some helis. And then others don't. I can't troubleshoot it since it never had it.

It's interesting though.
So my friend had his tonight exact same Heli motor gearing - he has HW esc I have scorpion. I doubt itís governor related. He has junk Bk servos I have junk kst servos. Iím gonna try different servos next.

Tonight I tried again with and without the washer for hard damping I tried the orings well greased. I tried my friends vtx blades , tried blade bolts tighter loose for main and tail. Tried every combination of changes I could think of in the time I had. Flies immaculate but jiggle jiggle in the elevator below 2100. My friends is motionless like itís sitting on the bench itís that still.

Iíll figure this out so other people dont have to go through his nonsense if they see the thread.
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