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Default AR636a and programming for other helis

I have a Blade 330x that I recently acquired with the stock AR363A sport FBL receiver on it ... I also have an A3X programming cable from Spektrum

Put me in front of a computer and tell me I can unlock something or make it hot rod, and it's a dangerous combination. The AR636a Sport receiver can be reprogrammed but it's not flexible at all, and I might have ruined the chance to actually fly it on a helicopter anymore.

End result -- it's unlocked and I can select from about 2 dozen AIRPLANE models to restore the firmware for those models only. There is no option to reprogram it for a Blade 330x.

There are a couple of heli models available to flash the firmware including Blade 230s and Blade 250x and a 200SRX but none of these will work with my 330x, afaik

I will contact Spektrum and ask what is the procedure to restore the stock firmware on this thing, or I'll sell it to an airplane user who can take advantage of it.

Not cool. Better choice in my opinion would be to swap out a different FBL if you have any in the closet, or just spring for a $35 KBar from a Chinese website. Those are programmable and do the job very well in my experience.
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