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For starters, under the BLHeliSuite "Select ATMEL / SILABS Interface" menu dropdown, select the: "SILABS C2 (4way-if)" option.

You need to use the 3-wire soldered connections C2 interface the first time you flash it. Once flashed using the C2 method, the ESC will have the bootloader installed and from then on, you can re-flash and update parameters using the servo cable and the bootloader interface (and you can remove the three soldered wires from the ESC).

Read the manuals - this took me a while to figure out (but I don't have time right now to help you further - my main computer died recently and I'm currently running on a makeshift laptop).

For the 4way-if, you need to use the 3-wire pinout wiring diagram for the C2 interface for the initial C2 flashing. The 2-wire bootloader wiring (which uses the servo cable) is wired to the Arduino differently. Its all in the documentation.
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