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Default SUCCESS! I finally got the K110 ESC flashed with BLHeli

It only took me two days, jeez. I had the right physical wiring the whole time; the only thing I needed to do was select the correct interface in BLHeliSuite -- SiLABS C2 (4way-if) -- to get the Arduino to recognize my ESC, and unfortunately, the option was not available in the Mac version. I got the Windows version of BLHeliSuite and found the right setting when selecting the interfaces.

I also got some clues by plugging in the motor to the K110, since the electric motor makes noise to give you feedback and I could tell *something* was happening when I got it plugged in correctly to my Arduino board. I was flying blind yesterday and couldn't tell if the ESC was communicating at all, but today I could hear it resetting when I made changes. When I heard clearly it was, it gave me hope and I kept looking.

I'm uploading a screen video of the process, in case it helps anybody else in future.

BTW, the correct pinouts on the UNO Arduino board were as follows:

GND(Black), P11(MasterOutSlaveIn/Red), P12 (data/MasterInSlaveOut/Yellow)

Click image for larger version

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Click image for larger version

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