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I've done a little bit of testing. Doing a big air loop with a stock ESC (at 100% IU) the motor bogs down real hard when coming down, so much you might easily crash.

With BLHELI and IU at 100% there's still some bog, but way better.

Tried to go down to 90% IU, but that made it bog a lot more. So 100% seems to bee best.

You can really up the pitch with BLHELI onboard vs stock ESC. And using the K120 tail rotor is also much better vs stock.

Still waiting for the last part in order to do the 2S build... now that should be fun!

Batteries: The myLipos are awesome I must say!

Defo better than my Goo packs (from 2018 must be mentioned).

Looking forward to testing the Gaoneng 1S 520mah HV 3.8V 80C/160C packs. Just need to get a HV charger first...

Happy flying guys!
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