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Originally Posted by carlos64030 View Post
With the Pulse 220 mAh batteries I use, I WAS getting 8 - 9 minutes of flight time... now it's down to 4 - 5 minutes.
Is it brushless too?

I do not think that very high flight times like this will do any good to your brushed motors, especially the main.

I would not go any higher than ~4-6 minutes.
On my (original) Inductrix I have set the timer to around 5:30 (+ some seconds rest to not risk LVC power off) because of its low 11,000kv motors.

The Inductrix Switch has the bit higher kv motors and with a 300mah BetaFPV lipo (which hardly fits the chassis) I can glide around on the street for ~4:30-5:00 / 5:30 max (not for all lipos).
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