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Originally Posted by carlos64030 View Post
do you quit flying right after a single battery
Yes, always did it like that.
4-5 minutes break.

At least I would touch the motor and feel if it is still warm until I throw another flight pack into.

And I know what the concrete results have been for the multiple brushed main NanoCPx motors when I decided to finally start a written flightlog (on paper):

- a) with the break of some minutes
- b) shorter "normal" flight times (not 6 minutes or 8-9 minutes)

If you want more flight time without any breaks, I think the best is to have 2-3 heli models in parallel :-)

Honestly, I do not have plans to fly the K110 (BL) without any break of 3-4 minutes (I will have three if I find a way to fix the board on the #1).
I want that the tail motor can cool down on that model.
And I have zero interest in having to solder in a new tail motor at the back or the front or mount a new tail boom (with / without tail motor and connector)...too much trouble as I can see right now (having to swap tail from first to third and none suddenly works so I am back at soldering the connector plug cables).
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