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It's a low power beginner micro. Adding tons of aluminum just weighs it down.
Adding carbon fiber blades may make it pop more, but it's a very lightly damped head designed for easier flight characteristics. It's like adding a turbo to a car without upgrading the brakes amd suspension.

When it fees like you need more than the 230s can deliver, it's telling you it's time to move on.

I've made the mistake of adding all these upgrades all the way to the cf and alum frame.

I could certainly tell a difference. My wallet was much lighter after a crash and the aluminum bits bent and carbon fiber cracked costing a lot of money that is better spent on a different heli.

Cf blades will make the most difference if you want to spend your money there. It's really the only decent thing but it still has very soft dampers in the head.

Spend time on your flying and simming. Not money on upgrades. The 230s is a fabulous beginner package as it is.

Now, if you like color and bling, no one is stopping you.
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