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Agree with Thickfog. I had a 200 SRX that never flew quite right after tons of bling. Just kept increasing on my crash costs. Looks awesome still on my shelf (broken servos and electronics dead that I don't plan to fix - but it was my first heli after all so it stays on the fleet).

Then I eventually got a 230S v1. I also blinged it and I have to say the end product was one beautiful piece of machinery. After a lot of tuning it flew OK but I am sure today for a bit more practice after I overcame just hovering it wouldn't be as precise and predictable as I would like.

Plain stock it flew great. So just improve on the battery packs, that's about it. Everything else is designed to break and the replacements are cheap. It will still fly, albeit noisy with a ton of broken and fixed parts. If anything I would probably change the frame because it broke a lot and I think the CF can take a bit more of a beating. But the frame I got required me to play around with the positioning of the servos and reset a few things so get something that is just like stock but on CF/aluminum. I am sure it flies better with CF blades also but the stock plastic ones can take a beating, so again just keep it stock.

I may be wrong but I have yet to find a heli where they sell the assembled head. Really this heli is so easy and inexpensive to fix it's the perfect trainer full stock. This is my opinion at least.
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