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Many of the trouble reports you have read have been posted by people that have not read the basic instructions carefully. Those with iPhone products find the interface foreign to them and have difficulty with that portion of getting used to a full computer radio. This radio is not in the same class as all other radios out there because of the interfacing of a computer (albeit a slower one than it could have been. Stability vs. speed) with a transmitter. I have had mine over a year and a half and yes, I have had some issues related to bugs in the software.

The latest issue of models being erased because of corruption is real and that is related to an earlier bug that would cause lock-ups of the Airware but never an actual transmitter failure. I had Airware lock up while flying and still was able to fly the airplane I had up in the air. I rebooted the Airware while still flying and landed it. I continued to fly for the rest of the day without incident and a few hours later, I found an update to get rid of the bug, which was the last update to Airware.

To state this clearly and emphatically, I have not had a single transmitter related failure which resulted in a crash. None of the minor irritants like a 2 minute boot up or initial slow model change ever bothered me. The boot up of the Android portion of the transmitter is what is slow. The last model you flew is loaded and ready to go 10 seconds after you turn the transmitter on. When the orange bars are lit, you are transmitting and ready to fly. I've done it a number of times to prove that to doubters.

Many of the helicopters that I fly are in the thousands but I have full confidence in the radio. I have an original DX8 and a first generation DX18 that are hangar queens now, neither of which has controlled a helicopter in well over a year and a half. Am I going to look at and buy the newest radio when it comes out? Yes. For scale purposes, the more channels, the better. The best advice is to make sure that you have the latest Airware loaded and do not load any frivolous programs on the transmitter. I have prevented any pre-loaded program from automatically updating unless I know it has to be. The only exceptions are Chrome, Play Store, Play Store Services, and any Android hardware related updates. I don't need to play music, YouTube, or use it to download emails. My phone does it a lot better. Hope this helps.

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