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Why is it so slow to boot up? Another popular transmitter with color touch screen display boots up within 5 seconds, and phones with the same operating system turn on almost instantly.
Afaik this is the only tx on market that basically has a built in android phone running android OS. Even my new s10 phone isn't that fast on initial boot up but this ix12 is noticeably slower to react and boot up than my personal cell phone. it likely has a slower processor to save money. My cell phone alone costs significantly more than a new ix12 so I can't expect ix12 to be as fast. However after boot up is completed you can enter sleep mode and it turns back on instantly at the field so its not a real problem in my book. You can also fly your last model while android is still booting if you wish. I also don't plan on running any extra apps which I am sure some people do. I'm just using it as a touch screen dx9 basically that can occasionally do other things like a phone if needed.

Overall I like it so far and plan to keep it. If others decide they don't like it that's fine I don't blame them. To each his own.
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