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In general, older Android phones are slower to open. I just timed two old Sony phones (Android 4.3), one took 35 seconds to load, and the other took 45 seconds to load. My two year old Huawei P10 (Android 9)takes 35 seconds to start up and be ready to use. I know that my iX12 takes two minutes and 5 seconds to load the Android operating system (Ver. 5.1.1 at 1 min. 5 sec.) and the Airware program (1 min. which includes a 35 second delay before the Airware even starts to load) but everyone is making such a fuss about it that it becomes the single biggest complaint heard on the internet.

Start the transmitter first thing at the field. By the time you get your models loaded with batteries or fuel it will be ready to go. If you are not changing the model from the last one you flew, it is ready in about 7 seconds from pressing the switch to turn the transmitter on. Come on, my DX18 takes longer to boot to the transmitter being ready to use than my iX12. If seconds are so precious, I can fly my helicopters and planes with my iX12 a full second before my DX18. So should I scrap my extremely slow DX18 as a backup or bellyache to the internet that it takes forever to load? Really.......

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