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I know you’re speaking to vinger. But, I feel like part of the problem might be with the naming of the functions. Mikado really stuffed it naming everything for electrics only.

Motor off is motor off for electric. But, for nitro, the “motor off” position is really “clutch disengaged” And, the idle position is really auto-bailout.

With that in mind, you should be starting the engine from the “motor off” position—which really is a nitro’s proper idle/clutch disengaged throttle setting.

Then, when you flip the motor switch to “motor run” you get slow spoolup to whatever bank the “fmode” switch is at.

To confuse things slightly more—you may be using bank 1 as a direct throttle control. So, the only flyable banks are 2 and 3.

The main takeaway is you start the engine in “motor off”. To really turn off the engine you use a kill switch.
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