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Originally Posted by micccain View Post
I saw this morning that the HW V4's will be able to be updated to have integration with Vbar. I don't own a Vcontrol but I'm thinking about getting on. The only question I have is I have an Align 130 in my T-Rex 700. I'm curious if this will be able to be updated at somepoint or if they will just leave these out to dry....
That will depend on Align. From what I've seen in the past, they do eventually get around to rolling out Hobbywing's firmware updates, so it could come eventually. I have an Align 130A and a vbar control too, so I have a vested interest.

If your Align 130 is a very early one, it will have Hobbywing firmware and be upgradable with Hobbywing firmware.
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