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I’m using a vcontrol, but the names of the functions are the same regardless.

What I’m saying is there are three positions in the vbar “motor run” command. Off-idle-motor run

But, those are electric terms. They are confusing for nitro, but you still have to use them.

I could be wrong—but I believe idle is optional on a non vcontrol radio. Back pre vcontrol I ran VBar on a JR 9303 and never programmed “idle”. So, I think you can set up motor run and motor off on a 2-pos switch.

That just leaves the naming confusion.

On a nitro you will set up the position named “motor off” as your nitro idle, and you’ll use this switch as T/H. The function named “motor run” will function as a you’d expect when you disengage T/H and the motor will spoil up to the active bank’s throttle (or gov) setting.

To turn off the motor you’ll need to program another switch—a momentary or a button is what id use—to move the throttle barrel to closed position when the motor switch is in the T/H (aka motor off) position.
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