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Got some more video last week of the Logo 500. The new EVOlite V2 6S 5350 is holding up fairly well and now have around 40 flights on it. One thing I need to do is switch up my routine and start doing more moves parallel to the flight line. For some reason I'm much more aggressive and low flying with the T450. Decided to add some music from the Propellerheads.

Here is a high resolution video (55MB)

Vimeo HD
Mikado Logo 500 3D - Flight 2 (4 min 54 sec)

Logo 500 3D /Scorpion HK4020-1100KV (16T)/Jazz80/BLS451/Spartan DS760/BLS251/RT 560mm/AR9000
TRex 450SE
/Scorpion HK-2221-8 (13T)/ AlignESC35(X)/ HS65MG/Spartan DS760/S9650/AR6100
Spektrum DX7

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