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Well I have had my iX12 for a while now and have taken some time to figure some of the software out. I am truly impressed on how it all works. I just have a few things to get down in model settings etc. For me it feels better in my hands than my DX9 and so far it works perfectly.
I am glad I did not get it when it first came out with the struggle of the problems before the 14 different software updates. Reading through them all you can see how many fixes and improvements have been made. I am sure there are more to come. There were quite a few used one popping up which I am sure because of the bugs and the learning curve. It probably should not have been released until 2019 with the newer updates....there would have been more happier customers. We are all beta testers and stuff is truly learned in the field.
I have learned in certain menus you need to touch and hold to get it to move to the next screen and some you just touch it lightly. (The touch lightly one are in model adjust) If you touch them hard or hold them it doesn't respond. Touch them soft and quick and it works.
It just needs getting familiar with. I love the thing now after spending some time learning it.
Spektrum is in my opinion heading in the right direction with all the smart technology ESC's, Receivers, Batteries and the new 6250 HX Flybarless Controller. All are going to have full integration and be all setup thru your G2 Spektrum transmitters.

I am very happy with this radio and I am no android expert , I did not use a cell phone until about two years ago.

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