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glad to hear you all are enjoying it so far. I only recently received mine as well so I was fortunate enough to miss the buggier days and frequent updates.

I have actually only flow 2 flights since I got mine but both were incredibly precise and flawless also. I really like the feel of the gimbals. My absolute favorite thing which is new for spektrum is to be able to program any text to speech to any any switch. I can now customize every switch with whatever I want it to say relatively easily and it's all touch screen so much more convenient than trying to type it all in with a scroll wheel. Having so many helis and different fbl systems sometimes when I get back to an old heli I have forgotten what buttons do what for sure. My 230s night for example. Did I set up safe on a second switch and if so.. which switch position is stability mode turned on etc. Before I'd have to go back into tx settings and even experiment with flight before I'd know for sure. However with ix12.. let's say that 230s is the one heli I have where I put safe on a separate switch and I decided to reverse the switch so full agility is with the switch all the way up. well now I can program that switch, say c or d switch, to do the safe stuff and I can text to speech each position of that switch to say stability, intermediate, and agility mode the way I want to. So a year from now when I dust off the 230s night and I'm like.. damn what switch does safe or did I even split it up? all I have to do is flip switches after I load 230s and when I hit switch C let's say.. it will say "safe mode stability" "safe mode intermediate" or "safe mode agility" and I will know instantly and for sure. Or I can have it say "Noob level beginner" "Noob level intermediate" "Noob level pro!" if I wish instead haha.

with many custom setups for various models this is handy. I loaded my first multirotor the other day and it has throttle cut but throttle hold is not in flight mode setup menu like it is in a heli setup. So I put throttle cut where my throttle hold usually is and where I usually put throttle cut (yes I use 2 switches for safety on my helis) I can say "switch inactive" when I hit it if I wanted to remind me it does not prevent a spool up and catch me offguard.

I can also email myself pics of my helis from my phone to be used as the icon for each loaded model which is cool. my only complaint with that is that I usually have to crop the picture a lot to get it to fit (likely file too large) and its hit or miss to get it right but you can if you are patient. there is probably a better way to do this but that's just how I've done it so far. I also like the custom wallpaper if you want one.

don't get me wrong I still love my dx9 but ix12 is quickly winning me over at this point. I come from a google/android background however and I imagine iphone/apple users may be more frustrated with it for that reason.
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