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if anyone is interested I made a (way too long) video with me running my mouth while setting up a template for helicopters on my ix12. A template is an easy way to have a good starting point for future helicopter models in your tx. I do just the basic stuff and show how I like my tx setup as a starting point but if you have never seen the airware menus and options in the ix12 it may be worth a watch. I apologize if anything is incorrect in the video as I am new to the tx but wanted to share in case any are curious. it's just raw phone footage. no editing etc but turned out ok. I also have never used telemetry on any heli I've owned yet so no telemetry stuff in the vid. just a heads up. I'm kind of old school with mostly 380mm on down. If the components don't get too hot, it flies well, and I can land it by 3.5 mins or so.. I'm happy lol.

setting heli template ix12 (27 min 10 sec)
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