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Default This thing sucks

I’m not normally one to slam heli or the company selling them. I have owned 5 or 6 blade helis but this is the first one I’ve bought since they came out with the flight modes. I had previously been interested in the 230s but after emailing back and forth with support for a week and having them flat out tell me they don’t know how flight modes are activated, I decided to take a pass.

I was at my lhs and they had the nano s2 on sale for 85 so I figured I’d give it a try. Maybe all the threads I’d read about all the problems programing the new helis were just people who aren’t very smart.

Well programming it was a pain. My first binding attempt resulted in the heli being in 3d mode, with throttle hold not working (apparently it has to be set to -120, because it ignores the throttle all together in this mode unless it’s set really low)

Anyway after much fiddling I got the flight modes and throttle hold working. Well I try the blue light modes and the heli pulls hard right. So I try the red light mode and it hovers level but when I move the pitch up or down, it randomly jumps up or slams into the ground. Not everytime, just sometimes, did it several times in a minute. This was done indoors, so no wind, and I could hear a major change in headspeed happening.

Now of course phone wait times for heli support are over an hour and they take days to even respond to an email. I’ve been buying their stuff for a decade but I’m pretty much done with them. I really like some of their planes, but their support just sucks in my opinion, it’s like Walmart, you can return it but don’t bother asking for any help setting it up or diagnosing a problem.

Ok done ranting, except thanks for discontinuing all parts for the 130x and being out of stock on other parts all the time horizon

no flybars allowed/Beastx ftw
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