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Wow, directly in 3D mode after bind.
I guess this must have been "fun" in the living room with the wrong (-100%) throttle cut / hold programming.

Originally Posted by infamousnation View Post
no flybars allowed
Looks like HH has read YOUR footer and decided to discontinue all their flybar parts for my Blade 4503D paddle heli :-)

I still have it....have the aluminium flybar seesaw holder set as the tuning alu variant.
I am fine for 2-3 crashes but after that I run out of feathering shafts main shafts and other flybar parts.

For sure I do not even have to say that the full head is too costly to consider a direct FBL 450X parts swap.

I could get a ALZRC X360 - including main blades and canopy - for a good kit price.

My plastic Blade 450 main frame is still corrupted a bit because of the front left landing leg; maybe it would have been good to use a separate bottom plate, like I have seen it on a Trex 450 model from an acquaintance.

One of the pitch compensator / washout control arms is not level / as high as the other one which affects blade tracking and zero pitch, very weird.
Not sure if they can bend in a crash; plastic material looks quite stiff and not bent.
But the replacement cost for the 4503D (not the FBL variant) alone is 24EUR and the 450X uses a different number.

More and more Blade spare parts seem to becoming unavailable at the LHS wall and prices have increased since 2012 steadily when I compare 2015 or 2016 and for discontinued models....maybe it really is time next year to swap to ALZRC as "priority direct mail" from China (DHL) does not take longer than 7 days?!

I have no interest to have to pay for a main frame 20EUR, the canopy another 24EUR...maybe I find here in Germany a used replacement head.

At the least the old ESC (no governor) works...just need to find a way how to mount a new midi servo on the 450 tail boom
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