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Originally Posted by prototype3a View Post
I've been working on a new brushless motor performance model which may be more accurate than my previous one ( which I know was flawed but it was accurate "enough" ) and allow for some interesting prediction capabilities.

As a result, I'm also on the hunt for people with Kontronik motors who have access to nice lab equipment to get some measurements for me.

Additionally, I'm very interested in data from motors of a "family", ie, motors where the only difference is the wind.

Kyocera printer motors are a cheap alternative to a kontronics stator design . Nice iron. Its the only way because I will not pay what they cost just to test them. Neu is what Im working with as I get stacks for an excellent price and some free just for development.

Alternatively you can get the printer motor on ebay for approximately $50.00 USD. If you are looking to the future for a better motor I see no reason to be deeply interested in antiquated slot pole combinations and the associated winds that have been shared. They are antiquated as compared to the movements of technology in the fields.

A 12N10P motor love would prosper more with open slots and double the teeth. The 12N14P is continually running away from the 12N10P in the record books. Just as Christian said it would. If your choice is between those two options choose the pyro. Be mindful that some of the winds are more of a challenge than the simple stator amendments if your at a laser or edm.

Also consider that Lehner is releasing outrunners in the right sizes and they already utilize the benefit of more slots and open teeth with 24 slots and 20 poles

All you need to do is build a thrust stand to check a motor. If you have the rpm an amperage through logging thats just about all you should need to make fair comparisons. Eagle tree could probably handle all your data acquisitions needs for fairly cheap. You're clearly at excel so rendering beautiful charts is pie. You could look a basic stamp and basic stamp plot applet which is another way to set up RTM.

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