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Angry Red & Blue LED Diagnostics

Hi all

Approx 50 flights on new Blade Nano S2.
Minor crashes only.

Now when I spool up sometimes the Heli spins on the ground (as if the tail motor is not working) then the main motor cuts out and the red LED on the 3 in 1 board lights up.

If the heli is on the ground it resets, levels the swash, red led goes out (Blue light is always on) and ready again.
However move the throttle to spool up and either the heli spins again or the main blades do one rotation and the red LED immediately turns on and seems to shut the main motor down.

Does the red LED "ON" indicate "HOLD"?

Any ideas?

Is this a main board issue? (I've replaced the tail boom and motor)
What are the diagnostic codes for the red & blue LEDs?


Ozie Joe
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