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I spent countless hours in frustration trying to get my Blade 230 S v1 to fly properly with SAFE. I had many crashes before that same thing on a Blade 200 SRX. After some recommendations from pilots here I started to use the 230 on IU2, complete 3D mode. I loved it. If I could afford it I would probably buy a 230S v2 just for fun that was a great fun heli super cheap to crash. Sadly all my hobby money goes to my big helicopter crash bills

So basically my lesson learned is that giving up on SAFE makes for a much more enjoyable experience on Blade helis overall and forces you to learn regular CP flight, which is a good thing. I really liked my Nano S2 even after many crashes and frame changes. But after a while I just let it rest on my shelf as I started to go out and fly the big ones It was a fun little heli but I don't know if I will go through the hassle of repairing it. There is something about Blade micros though I really want an mCPx BL v2 and a 150S which I hear are both excellent helis (again plain CP flight, no SAFE).

Originally Posted by asolof View Post
I've tried the drift calibration several times. It made the drift worse, if anything. The indicator lights came on as stated in the manual. Completing the process just didn't improve the drift.

Has anybody experienced this and knows what might be happening?
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