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I just spent the last year learning to fly for the first time it seemed like. Even though I had spent the previous two years with a Blade MSR S ... I was flying it in safe mode which taught me nothing other than which way the helicopter goes when you move a stick in that direction.

As soon as you take it off safe mode, you'll find that it flies so different that the way it flew with safe mode on did not help you at all to learn anything. I recommend not messing around with safe mode. Instead, The best thing to do is get simulator (AccuRC is great) and learn to hover in all orientations. Then take your nano s2 and in full 3d mode practice hovering in all orientations. You can ignore inverted flight at first. After you can hover reliably, you'll find yourself starting to fly circuits and such which is when the fun starts... Anyways - thats how it went for me.

You'll want to move on to a 230s v2 (or similar) ASAP tho after you've learned to hover as nano s2 flies so differently from larger helicopters that it doesn't really help with learning to fly such (at least it didn't for me). Its way to snappy and snaps back to level to quickly which makes it hard to fly anything but hovering.

BTW - even in safe mode, a helicopter will not sit still while hovering. It will wander around ... possibly alot if the swash is not quite level.
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